Snakes of Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis snake

Common Snake Species in Indianapolis

Indianapolis snake Garter Snakes: The cottonmouth, or water moccasin, is arguably the most dangerous snake found in Indiana. Deriving its name from its distinctive white mouth, the cottonmouth is mainly an aquatic snake, preferring to be near water. However, there are many instances where they have been found in urban areas and on dry land. These snakes are anywhere from two to six feet long and have a very dark-colored body, generally a dull olive or brown. They eat fish, rodents, amphibians, and other snakes. They can be extremely harmful to humans, so it is always important to be aware of them.

Indianapolis snake Milk Snakes: The eastern milk snake is very common throughout Indiana and can be found in urban areas, as well as secluded forests. These snakes feature a pale tan or gray background with copper or brown colored splotches along their bodies. Milk snakes are usually two to three feet in length and mainly feed on rodents and amphibians. They get their name from the fact that they used to live in dairy barns and other rodent-infested areas. The eastern milk snake is harmless to humans, as it is non-venomous, though it can leave a painful bite if handled.

Indianapolis snake Rat Snakes: The black rat snake, also called the eastern rat snake, is one of the larger snakes found in Indiana. They usually have black bodies with white necks. These snakes have a diet that consists of a variety of creatures, such as rodents, birds, amphibians, and sometimes even fish. The eastern rat snake can be two to eight feet long and possesses the ability to climb a variety of structures. They are commonly found in urban areas, as all they need is access to rodents or some other food source to survive. These snakes will not harm humans, as they are non-venomous, although they can cause a pretty painful bite if cornered or threatened.